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What is the best 2 cycle engine oil to gas ratio? | Briggs & Stratton

Learn how to identify a 2 cycle engine and determine what the best oil to gas ratio mix is for that engine. Read More »

Assembly Instructions - 2006/42/EC | Briggs & Stratton

These basic assembly instructions are intended for use by the OEM for installation of Briggs & Stratton engines into their equipment. Read More »

How to do a small engine brake inspection | Briggs & Stratton

Looking to service or check the small engine brakes yourself? Find our step-by-step guide on how to inspect the braking system for replacement! Read More »

How to rebuild or repair a small engine carburetor | Briggs & Stratton

Learn how to repair and rebuild the small engine carburetor in your lawn mower or snow blower to ensure peak performance. Read More »

Small engine charging system, battery, and alternator | Briggs & Stratton

Learn how to check for a dead lawn mower battery & perform an alternator test in your small engine charging system. Read More »