Mow N’Stow®: Space Saving Innovation

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Not enough space in your garage or garden shed for storing your lawn mower? Then we have something perfect for you: the breakthrough Mow N’Stow technology! Lawn mowers with Mow N’Stow are easy to store and easy to clean, while saving up to 70% of space without damaging your engine.

It also provides easier access to clean under the deck and service the blade.

With a quick release handle, advanced engine design, and easy blade access for superior cleaning, Mow N’Stow is a revolution in mower design.

How does Mow N'Stow® work?

What are the main benefits for you?

  • More Space

    Space Saver

    70% reduced footprint* leaving room for more equipment and more toys.

  • Stores Upright

    Easy Cleaning & Maintenance

    With a quick release handle, advanced engine design, and easy blade access superior cleaning and maintenance is guaranteed. 

  • Easy Starting

    Petrol Power

    Even cuts through thick and damp grass.

These engines provide you with Mow N'Stow®

Why you should choose Briggs & Stratton

  • Easy product features

    We make you and your customers’ lives easier by combining the best features that will help sell your products. From easy electric starting to easy storage and easy maintenance - we have it all.

  • Full range

    From lawn and garden machines, generators, pressure washers to water pumps and snow blowers. We have the right power for your lawn or application ranging from 125cc to 724cc whilst delivering performance and reliability.

  • Extensive dealer network

    Your and our customers can feel secure in the knowledge that a comprehensive after sales and service network with over 10,000 dealers in Europe supports your engines.

Easy features you can rely on