UltraCare™ Cleaning

Dirt Demolisher

The Briggs & Stratton UltraCare™ range of cleaning products is designed to make the maintenance of garden and outdoor power equipment easier. Suitable for both home and professional use.

Bio Cleaning Spray

UltraCare™ Bio Cleaning Spray
Part Number#: 992416

UltraCare™ Bio Cleaning Spray for all garden equipment is a strong detergent with a high cleaning capability for a wide range of applications. Perfect for cleaning mower decks and engines.

Cleaning Spray

UltraCare™ Dirt Protector
Part Number#: 992417

UltraCare™ Dirt Protector complements Bio Cleaning Spray and is suitable for all garden equipment. It keeps metal, painted surfaces and plastics clean and protects against rust.

Heavy Duty Degreaser

UltraCare™ Heavy Duty Degreaser
Part Number#: 992420

UltraCare™ Heavy Duty Degreaser can be used for removing gas, oil and grease stains from garage floors, driveways, engines and more.

Car Cleaner

UltraCare™ Shampoo with Wax
Part Number#: 992527

Our highly concentrated cleaning shampoo is suited for use with pressure washers. It forms a protective glossy layer on the treated surface.

Multi-Purpose Cleaner

UltraCare™ Multi-Purpose Cleaner
Part Number#: 992526

Powerful industrial cleaner with a pleasant fragrance.

Hand Cleaner

UltraCare™ Hand Cleaner
Part Number#: 992418

UltraCare™ Hand Cleaner is a powerful cleaner for skin-friendly removal of heavy duty industrial soiling.

Carburetor Cleaner

UltraCare™ Carburettor Cleaner
Part Number#: 992419

UltraCare™ Carburettor Cleaner dissolves deposits in your carb and choke, reducing maintenance and downtime.

Paper Towels

UltraCare™ Paper Towels
Part Number#: 992431

Small pack of UltraCare™ Paper Towels. Absorbs dirt and liquid and can be easily teared off.

Microfiber Towels

UltraCare™ Microfibre Cloths
Part Number#: 992429

UltraCare™ Microfibre Cloths come in a pack of 3 and are suitable for scrubbing, cleaning and polishing.

UltraCare™ Paper Towels
Part Number#: 992432

Two rolls of UltraCare™ Paper Towels. Absorbs dirt and liquid and can be easily teared off. Suitable for all standard size paper towel holders.