Prime & Pull: faster starting without choke.

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No more choke, simply prime & pull to start.

Tired of having a hassle when starting your engine? Our E Series™start with minimal effort: Just prime for the right amount of fuel, pull the starter cord - and go. Our prime & pull engines don’t just deliver reliable petrol power for effortless mowing of high and wet grass throughout the entire season, they are also lighter thanks to the special lightweight design. This ensures ultimate maneuverability.

How does Prime & Pull work?

What are the main benefits for you?

  • Faster Starting

    Skip the choke, just prime to deliver the right amount of fuel directly to start the engine and pull for power.

  • Powerful Performance

    Petrol powered engine delivers the ability to cut through thick and wet grass. 

  • Lightweight Design

    Thanks to the special lightweight design our engines are easy to handle and manoeuvre.

These engines provide you with Prime & Pull

Why you should choose Briggs & Stratton

  • Easy product features

    We make your lives easier by combining the best easy features with petrol power. From easy electric starting to easy storage and easy maintenance - we have it all. 

  • Full range

    From lawn and garden machines, generators, pressure washers to water pumps and snow blowers. We have the right power for your lawn or application ranging from 125cc to 724cc whilst delivering performance and reliability.

  • Extensive dealer network

    You can feel secure in the knowledge that a comprehensive after sales and service network with over 10,000 dealers in Europe supports your engine. 

Easy features you can rely on