Snow Blowers

Snow Blowers

Power Through the Impossible

Winter Warriors.

You never let a little snow get in the way. Move the heaviest snowfall quickly and effortlessly with dependable, hard-working snow blowers. Take advantage of awesome power and advanced features of a snow blower like our Snow Series engine, push button chute rotation and dual-trigger steering to blow Mother Nature away. 



Single-stage snow blowers tackle light to moderate snowfalls with ease
and clear snow on your pathways and driveways all the way down to the pavement.

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Featured Snow Engines

You can count on Briggs & Stratton snow engines to start on the coldest of winter mornings and deliver the power needed to move thick, heavy snow. The power when you need it.

Ace the ice and snow. You can’t risk a snow blower engine that freezes up when winter’s worst hits hard. Briggs & Stratton’s sturdy, reliable blower engines start easily every time at temperatures as low as -29°C and deliver the power you need to throw thick, heavy snow on the iciest morning. Go ahead, power up that snow blower and blitz that blizzard. Browse the complete lineup of Briggs & Stratton snow blower engines.