How can I find part numbers for engine replacement parts? 

Learn how to find the part numbers you need to order engine replacement parts for your Briggs & Stratton equipment. You can read through the entire process or jump to the section most relevant to you.

Where can I find my engine’s part numbers?
Locating the engine Service Part Numbers on IPL
My engine part has more than one Service Part Numbers
How do I order engine replacement parts & what’s included in my order?

Where can I find my engine's part numbers?

Your Briggs & Stratton engine part numbers can be found in your engine's Illustrated Parts Lists (IPL).

In order to download and view the correct Illustrated Parts List and determine the correct part numbers for your specific engine, you will need to Find the Model Number on your engine (Example: 12H702-0505-E1). Engines built before 1965 may use the model number and first 4 numbers of the serial number.

Locating the Engine Service Part Numbers on Illustrated Parts List

The numbers listed next to the part illustrations in our IPLs are called Reference Numbers. These numbers are one to four digits in length depending on the part. The reference number is used to locate the specific Service Part Number (usually six digits) you will require to order replacement parts for engine repair.
•Note: To clarify, the example below combines the part illustration and part number list side-by-side. Most of the IPLs will require that you scroll down past the part illustrations pages to find the Service Part Numbers.

Find Engine Replacement Part Numbers by Briggs and Stratton

My Engine Part Has More than One Service Part Number

In many cases, an engine part may have several Service Part Numbers specific to Type Number and/or Code Number. If you do not find your specific Type Number next to any of the Service Part Numbers, the correct engine part number would default to the first (master) Service Part Number listed under that Reference Number.

Find Engine Replacement Part Numbers by Briggs and Stratton

The only time the correct engine part number would not default to the master Service Part Number is if the Code Number also needs to be considered in identifying the correct Service Part Number.

Find Engine Replacement Part Numbers by Briggs and Stratton

How Do I Order Engine Replacement Parts & What's Included in My Order?

Engine parts are also available locally from a Briggs & Stratton Authorized Dealer. Your Briggs & Stratton Authorized Dealer has all the information relating to engine and equipment warranty information, replacement engines, short blocks, parts, pricing, service/repair, specifications, etc.

In your engine parts order, you will receive all of the engine parts illustrated in a Reference Number's frame. In the above example, Reference Number "90" would include all replacement parts shown in the frame (ref. 976, 913, 106, 394, 163, etc.). Reference Number "90" would equate to Service Part Number "790206" which would then be used for ordering purposes.