How to be more water-wise & the best easy-to-grow veg for the perfect summer salad

Becoming more water-wise not only helps your plants and lawn but can have a positive impact on the climate. Watering at specific times and using the right amount for certain plants can help in many ways.

Economical watering

Plant species, size, texture, compaction, and the stage of growth all play an important role in how often and how much you water them. The larger the plant, the more water it will need! Rather than doing a blanket water with the hose, think about each plant or bed, and how much water the ground actually needs. Save water on smaller areas or plants – they’ll thank you for it and you’ll be more economical to boot!

To make your water go further, you can also add organic matter to your soil which can help hold water for longer, so plants can drink it up gradually.

Watering cans, self-watering pots, and seep hoses are a few ways of having control over your watering amount and utilising your water more efficiently. However, the BEST way to water is using the natural gift of rainwater! Double check the forecast before you water to save doubling up; and you can start collecting for dry days with a well-controlled drip irrigation system or simply keep buckets around outside!

TIP: Think about the water that goes down the sink. For example, instead of pouring away leftover glasses of water, tip them into houseplants, or if you have a dripping or leaky tap, collect this in a cup to save it going to waste.

With these easy tips, we can all do our part towards creating a healthy and long-lasting environment.

Easy-to-grow veg for the perfect salad

Nothing tastes better than homegrown and growing the perfect veggies for a delicious salad this summertime is easier than you think.

Salad leaves

The basis of every salad starts with luscious leafy greens and luckily, there is an array of types to choose from! Lettuce is the most popular crop but you can also grow sorrel, spinach and rocket for something a little different.

  • Sow: All the way through to late summer in containers or growing bags
  • Sun: Salad leaves love full sun!
  • Tips: Thin out as seedlings grow to prevent overcrowding
  • Harvest: When plants are about 10cm high


For a super easy root vegetable, then beetroot is your best friend. They go with several salads and can be used in multiple ways – the perfect candidate for adding some colour to your salads this summer.

  • Sow: Between March and July
  • Sun: Beetroot is tolerant of shade but prefers direct sunlight
  • Tips: Prefer moist, fertile soil but will tolerate average to low soil fertility
  • Harvest: Between May and September


Radishes are a delicious and crunchy addition to a salad and are quick, easy and fun to grow!

  • Sow: Outdoors all throughout summer in small continuous harvests
  • Sun: Grow the best in full sun but can thrive in partial shade as well
  • Tips: Keep the soil moist and till regularly
  • Harvest: Around four weeks from germination


If tomatoes are your favourite part of a salad, then you’re in luck! They can be sown in bags, pots or even hanging baskets making them extremely versatile. Seeds or formed plants can be bought in many garden centres and stores so are an easy and brilliant food to add to your growing plans.

  • Sow: Sow indoors or a greenhouse from early spring
  • Sun: For the biggest fruit and to avoid leggy plants, grow in 6-8 hours of sun a day
  • Tips: Provide a good support structure that keeps fruit off the ground and allows lots of air flow
  • Harvest: From mid-summer onwards as soon as they’re ripe and fully coloured

There are so many more choices for easy to grow salad veg. These are our favourites – what are yours?! Whatever veg you are choosing, get inspired in the garden and start creating food that is made with love.

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