What to harvest in July | PLUS How to keep your greenhouse clean

You’ve been planting away throughout the year and now comes July, where you can reap the rewards you’ve sown. Now is a great time to enjoy all the delicious homegrown fruits and vegetables you have worked so hard to maintain and grow over the last few months. We’ve picked our favourite crops to harvest this July that will be perfect for seasonal eating.


Blueberries – Changing from a green colour to a beautiful blue, mid-summer onwards is the perfect time to harvest these tasty berries. Looking out for this change will determine when to pick them at their best. Enjoy them as they are or add them to a delicious drink or cake.

Strawberries – One of the easier fruits to grow, harvesting strawberries in early summer to autumn is the best job of them all. You want to pick these at the warmest time of day and when they’re their signature bright red colour. Doing this will produce the tastiest batch. Perfect for tennis season!

Peaches – That soft and sweet taste is like nothing else. Peaches are ready to be harvested in July and are best eaten straight after being picked. The tree will need to be checked every now and then as peaches don’t tend to ripen all at once. Simply cup the peach in the palm of your hand and lift it gently away from the tree.


Cucumbers – Cucumbers are great for most meals and it’s no surprise that so many gardeners like to plant this delicious vegetable. As they ripen from mid-summer to mid-autumn, you’ll be able to have them cooling you down in all of your homegrown salads.

French and broad beans - A versatile and great-tasting vegetable. French and broad beans are very easy to grow and maintain all year round. Harvesting beans mid-summer is best to give you a tender and succulent taste. However, beans can ripen quickly and pods lower down on the plant will mature first so pick these as your priority!

Beetroot – Taking up very little space and a great vegetable for new veggie growers. They’re the perfect home-grown all-year-round food to enjoy. Summer is the best time to harvest these nutritious and versatile root vegetables. Simply pull them up once they’ve reached golf ball size. And then chop, roast or pickle!

These are just a few great summer veggies to harvest this July. Remember before you sow any fruit or vegetable, look at when the best time to harvest is so you can ensure you are having seasonal food all year round that will be at its best flavour.

While you're there!

While searching for that perfect strawberry in the greenhouse, why not give it a little sprucing while you’re there? A good growing environment will go a long way for producing fruits and veggies that are at their best. Here are our 3 top tips for keeping your greenhouse tidy:

1. Sweep and brush up – This is important as pathogens and diseases can fester in areas where build-up grows. Regular sweeping and brushing will help your plants grow in a healthy environment.

2. Clean pots, trays, and other plant accessories – It’s essential to clean all plant pots, trays and accessories like frames and shelves as they can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Using plant-friendly disinfectant in your cleaning solution is a good way to ensure you can reduce the chance of anything nasty affecting your plants.

3. Framing and glazing – Cleaning the inside of your greenhouse is important, but it is also crucial not to forget about the frames and glazing that keeps your plants protected from the elements. Avoid rotting frames by scrubbing them down with disinfectant and a good old scrubbing brush. Remember to get into all those hard-to-reach places. If you have a polycarbonate greenhouse, then a sponge will be ideal instead.

There you have it! Some simple and easy steps for getting the most from your plants with a clean and tidy greenhouse. Check out our other gardening articles here or follow us on Facebook for more!