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Is your rider mower just not cutting it? Unreliable equipment leaving you out of pocket? Looking for something better? You’ve found it. Our AVS – Anti-Vibration System – assisted engines for professional lawn mowers have innovative design features that reduce vibration, increase comfort and extend the life of your equipment.

  • Smoothest ride ever

    Our AVS® - Anti-Vibration System engines feature a patented Linear Balancing System that eliminates the side-to-side motion of traditional rider mowers to provide a smooth, comfortable ride every time.

  • Equipment lasts longer

    Tough work needs tough power – less vibration means less wear and tear on your engine so your ride-on lawn mower keeps you mowing job after job.

  • Quicker and easier mowing

    The petrol-powered engine glides through thick and wet grass without issue and more comfortable riding means you can do more jobs in a day without getting tired.

A professional lawn mower that doesn’t leave you feeling like you’ve done ten rounds in the ring.

Why settle for.


Sore upper body

Unreliable Equipment

Wear and tear


When you can have.

Smooth & comfortable riding

Low vibration operation

Longer lasting equipment

Less recovery time after jobs

Powerful performance

Why Briggs & Stratton can help you get the job done.

Easy Features on our engines improve comfort, reduce maintenance, and extend the life of your equipment.

Our full range of trusted commercial products will keep you powered for any job.

Our extensive dealer network provides a comprehensive after sales and service network with over 10,000 dealers in Europe.

Easy Features you can rely on.