E Series™ Initiative

The E SERIES™ Initiative places reduced exhaust emissions at the heart of all engines performance. Our commitment is to surpass the European Exhaust Emissions standards by at least 25%*.

The E SERIES Initiative is not just about emissions, it is also about an evolution in overall standards that will widen choice and enhance the end user experience. The founding principles of power, reliability and durability remain core to the Briggs & Stratton value proposition. In addition the E SERIES Initiative ensures that these principles further evolve to include easier starting, improved performance and an enhanced customer experience.

All Briggs & Stratton® small vertical shaft engines perform to the E SERIES standards.

* 2010/26/EU


E Series™

E Series Engines E Series Initiative


The E SERIES sets the benchmark performance for the outdoor power equipment industry. In addition to improved emissions, these engines deliver the power, performance and reliability users have come to expect from Briggs & Stratton. Excellent engines to count on, to get the job done.


The Best Value Choice


EX Series Engines E Series Initiative  ReadyStart Easy Starting Systems


The EX SERIES of engines takes all the best attributes of the E SERIES, but delivers performance attributes for the more demanding consumer. The EX SERIES engines offer the best power in the series class and combine this with the ingenious ReadyStart® system. Maximum power with one-pull effortless starting. A powerful performance engine series.


The performance Choice


Ex Series with Eco-Plus Technology ReadyStart Easy Starting Systems  Eco-Plus Technology


The EX SERIES ECO-PLUS™ adds another layer of performance to the EX SERIES engines. It provides an engine for the environmentally conscious customer without loss of power or starting performance. These engines feature Eco-Plus™ emissions reducing technology to further reduce the evaporative fuel emissions when the machine is not in use.


The Environmental Choice

iS Series InStart®

InStart Lithium-Ion Technology

The iS-SERIES InStart® engines represent the ultimate performance package in the engine line-up. They naturally incorporate the heritage attributes of power, performance and reliability, but add the most innovative and easiest starting ever seen on a lawnmower. iS-SERIES engines use Lithium-lon batteries to provide repeated and reliable starting without the need of a rope-pull.


Effortless, Ingenious Starting

S2 Start Guarantee®

S2 Start Garantie

The Briggs & Stratton S2 Start Guarantee® offers you and your customers peace of mind that our engines will start within two pulls every time guaranteed. Our continual pursuit for total product reliability backed by more than 105 years of design and innovation has resulted in this unique product guarantee. The S2 Start Guarantee is offered on all our ReadyStart engines. For more information contact your Sales Representative.


To learn more about any of these engine series, please visit www.enginesmatter.eu.