How to Choose a Spark Plug

Getting Started with Briggs & Stratton

For consistent, easy starting, change your spark plug every 100 hours or every season, whichever comes first. Replacing your spark plug:

• Ensures consistent spark

• More reliable starting

• Improves fuel economy

It’s very important that you choose the right spark plug for your engine. Due to the variety of engines and equipment configurations, please refer to your operator manual for more information.

Briggs & Stratton Platinum Plug

How to Choose a Spark Plug by Briggs & Stratton

The Long Life Platinum Spark Plug is better because it's specially designed for easy starts and long lasting performance in outdoor power equipment powered by today's 4-cycle engines.

Exclusive technology offers these premium quality features:

1.Exclusive Platinum Pad on the Center Electrode. Longer lasting, withstands higher temperatures, reduces gap erosion.

2.New Electrode Design. Smaller diameter, tapered center electrode, and copper cored and tapered ground electrode increase ignitability for easy starts, smoother riding, and quicker accelerations under all conditions.

3.New Projected Core Nose. Specially designed to broaden heat range and provide peak performance without fouling.

4.Triple Coated Fold Shell. Exclusive gold shell with TinTac coating reduces corrosion and seizing in heads, providing easy removal.

5.SAC 9 Resistor Element. Suppresses electrical noise interference.
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