Changing a Foam Air Filter in Your Briggs & Stratton Engine

A Briggs & Stratton genuine foam filter element is designed to properly fit your engine and will keep dust particles from getting into your engine.

How to Replace a Foam Air Filter Diagram by Briggs & Stratton

How to Replace a Foam Air Filter

  1. Remove air filter screw.
  2. Carefully remove air filter assembly and discard foam.
  3. Clean all metal air filter assembly parts.
  4. Saturate new foam filter with fresh engine oil.
  5. Wrap foam in clean cloth and squeeze to remove excess oil.
  6. Assemble foam filter so lip extends over edge of air filter body.
  7. Reinstall air filter assembly carburetor. 

How it Works

The “foam only” style air filter system works by trapping dirt and debris through the use of motor oil spread throughout the oil foam holding medium. A dry or non-oiled oil foam filter will trap only the largest particles. If the air filter element is foam only, it MUST be oiled and serviced regularly.

Still Have Questions?

Watch this easy guide to change your foam air filter.