NAX and Briggs & Stratton

The NAX brand was established in close cooperation with Briggs & Stratton. The latter is known all over the world, and enjoys great recognition thanks to its excellent range of engines used in different applications. NAX lawn mowers are equipped with engines from an American manufacturer, Briggs & Stratton, while NAX chainsaws, NAX vacuum blowers and NAX gasoline brush cutters are the only such products in Europe based on a Briggs & Stratton licence. Products that use Briggs & Stratton solutions are designed, manufactured, sold and serviced in over a hundred countries on six continents. All NAX equipment has a guarantee of superb functionality, durability and reliability.

NAX – premium petrol-powered garden equipment

NAX gardening equipment is characterised by excellent and efficient engines that perform well even under difficult conditions.

NAX gardening equipment is manufactured in accordance with the highest quality standards and under continuous supervision of Briggs & Stratton. Thanks to this, NAX petrol lawn mowers, brush cutters, garden vacuum blowers and ideal chain saws can be used reliably for many years.

Each is designed in accordance with the principles of ergonomics, ensuring not only great comfort but also safe operation. All petrol lawn mowers feature a swivel wheel function for easy use.

All NAX petrol-powered equipment has a 3-year warranty, and any warranty and post-warranty repairs are carried out by the NAX service centre.