We are committed to listening to what our customers have to say and developing innovative products that make life easier.

In today’s ever changing world, productivity and saving time has become more important than ever. Getting the job done quickly and efficiently has now become essential, allowing customers to enjoy the finer things in life.

As a global market leader, we have a long term philosophy of continually improving the user experience of our engines. Innovation is our pulse, we are driven by outstanding power and performance and are proud to say that our engines, designed and built by experts, are now easier to use than ever before.

For over 100 years, we have powered equipment around the world. That’s the reason customers look for the Briggs & Stratton brand when they shop for power equipment.


Our iS Series InStart® system brings together the perfect combination of petrol powered cutting performance with the ease of next generation starting.
Ingenious integration of the engine and a lithium-ion battery delivers cutting power at a touch.

Available on the following models: 575iS, 675iS, 775iS and 875iS.

No more pulling – Instant starting at a touch.


The EXi Series combines powerful performance with new levels of easy operation delivering a new engine experience for the most demanding of end users.

Smart features are everywhere including ReadyStart®, our innovative breakthrough starting system, maintenance features like tool-less air cleaner and no regular oil change,* just an occasional top up, allowing easy maintenance.

Built into advanced OHV platforms the EXi Series engines produce a new standard of smooth and quiet performance with optimum power to weight ratios. 
The lightest engine in its class, low on vibrations and light on emissions. This engine is also easy to manoeuvre and store.

Available on the following models: 625EXi, 650EXi, 675EXi, 675iS, 800EXi, 875EXi and 875iS.

* Regular maintenance is still required. For complete details refer to the operating manual. Briggs & Stratton standard warranty terms and conditions apply. Just Check & Add™ does not extend the warranty period.


Breakthrough Mow N’Stow® engine technology makes storing your mower easier than ever.

The Mow N’Stow engine allows the end user to store their mower vertically, reducing the storage footprint by up to 70%* makes it easy to store, easy to move and easy to maintain.

Our advanced patented engine design features a no leak carburetor, a unique fuel tank design with new seals, gaskets and o-rings, and a high oil fill tube that allows the mower to be stored vertically allowing unrivalled blade access for superior under deck cleaning.

Available on the following models: 450E, 550E, 575EX, 575iS, 625EXi, 650EXi, 675EXi and 675iS.

Mow N’Stow® – A revolution in mower design!

* Compared to a standard lawnmower.