Keep pesky bugs & pests away: how to prevent pests from eating your plants and wreaking havoc

You’ve created your dream garden and are ready to enjoy all of your hard work. Until… those pesky bugs are back again to disrupt your plans! We say no chance. Preventing pests before they turn up gives you the best advantage at keeping them away for good. We want to share our top tips for how you can prevent havoc in your gardens this year naturally and efficiently. Here we go…

Grow strongly scented herbs

Herbs like mint, basil, rosemary, and lavender are perfectly scented to deter bugs away from your plants. Their repelling smells make bugs less likely to attack plants nearby.

Use a nematode treatment

Nematodes can be used as a natural treatment in your garden. These are microscopic organisms that live and feed on insects that may be festering in soil. What’s significant about these guys is that they work quickly killing insects with their special bacteria which is produced within their systems. So, you can ensure these critters are doing a good – and natural – job of preventing your plants from being destroyed.

Encouraging healthy soil

Soil has many nutrients and benefits for your plants. Keeping it healthy and at its best will give your plants an advantage to fight off invasive insects and diseases that come along with them. Using natural fertilisers can help to feed the soil in the most natural way possible.

Attract wildlife to your garden

Animals such as frogs and birds love those creepy crawlies, and although they sometimes get a bad rep, they can be incredibly helpful. Attracting them to your garden by creating shelter with trees and shrubs will not only help keep the circle of life balanced but will also enhance your chances of having a garden that stays fresh and healthy.

Water in the morning

Keeping a garden routine can be difficult sometimes but giving your plants a fresh spray of water in the mornings is the easiest job possible to keep them hydrated in the hottest months of the year. Doing so means they are less likely to wilt away – making them less attractive to invasive bugs and pests.

Mother nature has so many benefits, but other times can make life harder – especially when it comes to your garden. Bug prevention is essential for ensuring your plants are properly looked after. Remember to check back next month and follow our Facebook page for more tips on how to keep your garden looking its best!