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Maintenance How-To

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5 Quick Steps to Snow Blower Safety | Briggs & Stratton
5 Quick Steps to Snow Blower Safety
February 21, 2024

Winter brings picturesque snowfall, but it also demands a level of caution, especially when operating a snow blower. To ensure a seamless snow removal experience and prioritize safety, here are five quick steps to follow. Read More

Top Pressure Washer Projects Before Winter | Briggs & Stratton
Top Pressure Washer Projects Before Winter

A few quick pressure washer projects with the right cleaning solution can restore countless outdoor items to like-new condition, especially for winter storage. Read More

Storm Preparedness: Preparing for Seasonal Storms | Briggs & Stratton
Storm Preparedness: Be Prepared for Seasonal Storms

Prepare for severe weather before it happens. Here are some storm preparedness tips to protect your home before, during and after a storm. Read More

How to Tune Up Your Lawn Mower | Briggs & Stratton
How To Tune Up Your Lawn Mower

It's easy to tune up your lawn mower. An annual tune-up will extend the life of your mower while cutting polluting emissions by up to 50 percent. Read More

Tips for a Drought Tolerant Lawn | Briggs & Stratton
Dry and Mighty: Tips for a Drought Tolerant Lawn

While you wait for Mother Nature to do her part, you can do your own thing to bring on more lawn-favorable conditions – and encourage drought resistant grass. Read More

Spray Wand Maintenance | Briggs & Stratton
Spray Wand Maintenance

Prior to use, always test the spray gun to make sure it works properly. Follow these tips to keep your pressure washer wand or guns working their best! Read More

Choosing a Lawn Mower | Briggs & Stratton
Choosing a Lawn Mower

There are several things to consider when you decide to purchase a new lawn mower. Here are some tips to help you get the perfect mower to match your needs. Read More

Air Filter & Pre-Cleaner Installation | Briggs & Stratton
Air Filter Cartridge & Pre-Cleaner Assembly Installation Instructions

Find instruction for installing an Air Filter Cartridge & Pre-Cleaner for your Briggs & Stratton engine. Service part no. 796254 / 795066, DIY part no. 5419 Read More

Loss of Generator Power Troubleshooting | Briggs & Stratton
Loss of Generator Power Troubleshooting

You rely on your home generator supplying your home with power during an outage. Here's what to do if you experience any issues with your generator. Read More

Generator Rough Running Troubleshooting | Briggs & Stratton
Generator Rough Running Troubleshooting

Follow these tips if you notice your home generator surging or running inconsistently. Read More