Top Pressure Washer Projects Before Winter

Pristine is easy with a pressure washer.

Pressure Washer Projects Before Winter

Between Mother Nature and extra outdoor activity, a lot happens between spring and fall to make even the best-kept property downright dirty. And while it may be tempting to look the other way (and hope a fresh coat of snow will cover the worst), you’ll thank yourself when it’s time to get outside again if you tidy up now. Before the heavy sigh, take heart: With the right tool, you can take care of grunge-banishing business in no time at all – and you will love the results.

Put away the bucket, brush and hose. Pull out the pressure washer.

Whether it’s washing mold and mildew from your house, removing grease and tire marks from your driveway, reviving your deck, de-griming your grill or even banning bird droppings from your favorite yard art, using a pressure washer can get your entire property in pristine condition tons faster than washing by hand. A quick high-pressure wash with the right cleaning solution can restore countless outdoor items to like-new condition – and you’ll be prouder than ever to show off your home.

Our top 12 perfect pressure washer projects.

To get your great outdoors spic and span from top to bottom, and to help you decide where to focus your nozzle, we’ve suggested 12 top areas that are especially pressure washer worthy. Even better, just click on what you want to clean below to view a helpful how-to video.

  1. Soffits and gutters
  2. Siding
  3. Fences
  4. Outdoor furniture
  5. Outdoor accessories
  6. Grills
  7. Lawn and garden equipment
  8. Garbage containers
  9. Decks
  10. Concrete pavement and garage floors
  11. Brick patios and walkways
  12. Pools and spas


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