Generator Rough Running Troubleshooting

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Ideally, power outages would not be something you experience often. However, when they do happen, you want to be sure that your standby generator is prepared to run smoothly and effortlessly. Should you experience surging or inconsistent power with your generator—or should you want to take preventative measures to ensure your generator is prepared—consider the following important components of your home generator to help identify why your home generator is running inconsistently.


Air Filter

 If the air filter is restricted, old, or damaged, it could cause inconsistencies in engine performance. If you're unsure which air filter matches your generator, find your Operator's Manual for a full list of parts.

Spark Plug

Your generator’s spark plug could be the cause of faulty operation if it is damaged or if it's not attached properly with the correct gap. Attempting to clean and reattach the spark plug can be an in-the-moment troubleshooting measure, but replacing it when needed during preventative maintenance is generally recommended.

Fuel Pressure

When surging or inconsistent power occurs in your generator, fuel could be the cause. Should you experience this, checking fuel levels can be a great first step, but your dealer or service provider can check all fuel system components preventatively. For more information on fuel function, see our FAQ article on Fuel System Troubleshooting.

If you believe any of these issues could be the cause of your rough-running generator, it is important that you contact your dealer or service provider, who can confirm any necessary repairs or maintenance. As with any emergency power product, the worst moment to find out there are performance issues is when you need it most. That is why it is important to work with your dealer or service provider to ensure regular inspections and maintenance are performed to maximize the life of your standby generator.


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