How To Tune-Up Your Lawn Mower

Whether you’re a steadfast do-it-yourselfer, or want to start saving time and money by becoming one, tuning up your lawn mower is a great place to start. In just four steps, and spending only about a half hour, you can tune up your mower yourself. Here's how:

The Four Easy Steps

Lawn Mower Engine Tune Up

Step 1: Change the air filter. Briggs & Stratton engines use one of three types of air filters: foam, paper, and a combination of foam and paper. Click on the type of filter you have for how-tos on making the switch.

Lawn Mower Engine Tune Up

Step 2: Change the oil. For optimum performance, change the oil in your engine at least once per season or every 25 hours of use. Most mower maintenance kits make it extra easy, by providing the right oil for your engine. You can also purchase oil separately through our online store, or through participating dealers and retailers.

Lawn Mower Engine Tune Up

Step 3: Change the spark plug. Changing your spark plug is one of the easiest ways to promote easy starting for your lawn mower. To enjoy this perk and avoid stalled-start frustration, replace the spark plug every season. Spark plugs are pre-gapped, so all you need to do is remove the old spark plug and replace it with the new one. Our simple-to-use maintenance kits all include the spark plug specially engineered for your engine to maintain super performance.

Lawn Mower Engine Tune Up

Step 4: Protect your engine against against gum and varnish build up in the fuel system. Gas goes stale in as little as 30 days. Add STA-BIL® 360° Protection™ every time you fill your gas can to prevent fuel related engine problems and get your mowing season off to a great start. STA-BIL fuel additives are the official fuel treatments of all Briggs & Stratton® engines.

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