Purchasing the best standby generator for your home is a very involved process. There are many details to work through and steps to follow. That’s why our network of more than 2,500 certified Briggs & Stratton dealers nationwide are trained to act as your guide through every step of the process, from purchasing backup generators to generator installation.

Get Expert Guidance to Choose the Right Generator

Once you’ve made contact with the generator dealer in your area, the dealer will conduct an on-site visit to determine your home’s specific installation needs. The dealer will help determine the generator’s placement on your property and whether you’ll need any custom installation work done, including burying wires underground or adding a concrete pad for the standby generator to be installed on.

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Trust a Professional for Generator Installation

Because standby generators need to be professionally installed, your dealer will handle the heavy lifting once installation day arrives. In addition to installing the actual generator unit, your dealer will also handle the transfer switch installation as well as the wiring needs required.

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Rely on Your Dealer for Ongoing Generator Service & Maintenance

Your installation dealer will also stay in contact with you throughout the lifespan of the generator to follow up on any ongoing needs the unit may require. Routine servicing or unexpected generator maintenance can be handled by your local Briggs & Stratton dealer to help ensure your home generator system is always operating at peak efficiency should it be called upon in a power outage.

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