Home Generator Models

Make sure your home or business is protected by a reliable backup power solution! With a Briggs & Stratton generator, you can rely on your lights, appliances or tools, air conditioner, TVs or computers to stay on during a power outage. Standby generators are permanently installed and connected to your home or business' natural gas line or liquid propane fuel source, along with the applicable transfer switch to support quick power generation. Check out the full line of standby generators available from the trusted experts at Briggs & Stratton.

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10kW<sub>1</sub> Standby Generator

The smaller, sleeker, 10kW1 standby generator provides your family with peace of mind during a power outage. Although small, it still packs plenty of power so your home's basic circuits and appliances...

17kW<sub>1</sub> Standby Generator

Stop worrying about losing power in your home with the 17kW1 standby generator. The 17kW seamlessly provides backup power to your home within seconds of a power outage. 

20kW<sub>1</sub> Standby Generator

A perfect fit for any home, the 20kW1 standby generator powers all of a home's electrical needs easily and automatically. Keep your family safe, comfortable, and free from the s...

25kW<sub>1</sub> Standby Generator

Violent storms aren't just a threat to your property, they're a threat to your peace of mind. When severe weather strikes, our 25kW1 standby generator delivers all the protectio...

30kW<sub>1</sub> Standby Generator

Give your family unprecedented peace of mind that your home or business will operate as usual the next time the power goes out. Whether it's storm related or a blackout, our 30kW1

12kW<sub>1</sub> Standby Generator

Outlast the next power outage, maintain your family's comfort and power the basics with a 12kW1 standby generator. Although small, it still packs plenty of power so your home's ...