Why Buy a Standby Generator

You've probably heard good things about automatic standby generator systems, but what exactly are they, how can it help your family, and why should you choose Briggs & Stratton as your power of choice? We'll teach you the basics and show you the financial benefits here.

How to Choose the Best Standby Generator for You

No two homes are alike. We know that. It's why we are dedicated to tailoring an automatic standby generator system for your home's specific needs. Use our interactive selection tool and tell us what you expect to be powered in your home during an outage and we'll suggest a solution best fit for your home.

Standby Generator Accessories

How you decide to power your standby generator can be just as important as the generator itself. The accessories you add will only enhance your experience with a home standby generator.

How to Buy a Standby Generator

Once you know the standby generator you want, its time to purchase and install your products. This is no small task, so make sure you know everything there is about the process to make it smooth and easy. Learn more with our helpful guide.

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