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Frequently Asked Questions

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How to identify a 2-Cycle engine and determine the best oil to gas ratio
July 26, 2018

Learn how to determine if you have a 2-cycle engine and what the best engine oil mix is in this Briggs & Stratton FAQ! Read More »

Air Compressor FAQs
July 02, 2018

If your air compressor is not producing sufficient pressure there are a few common problems you can check for. Read More »

Engine Assembly Guidelines - 2006/42/EC
July 05, 2018

These basic assembly instructions are intended for use by Original Equipment Manufacturers for installation of Briggs & Stratton engines into their equipment. Read More »

How to Inspect Your Small Engine for Brake Replacement
July 03, 2018

Looking to service or check the small engine brakes yourself? Find our step-by-step guide on how to inspect the braking system for replacement! Read More »

Where can I find an antique engine manual or specifications?
August 03, 2018

Looking for antique engine specifications, manuals or parts from Briggs & Stratton? Learn where to find them here! Read More »

Smart-Fill® Gas Can Product Features
July 06, 2018

What are some of the features and benefits of the Briggs & Stratton Smart Fill Gas Can? Learn more about how this gas can is safer and easier to use. Read More »

How to Clean a Lawn Mower or Snow Blower Engine
July 12, 2018

Grass & other debris can lead to a dirty lawn mower or snow blower engine. Learn how to clean small engines & prevent problems with this easy FAQ. Read More »

How do you rebuild or overhaul a small engine carburetor?
August 09, 2018

Lawn mower or snow blower won’t start? Use this Briggs & Stratton small engine repair guide for troubleshooting common problems & issues with small engines. Read More »

Where can I find the electrical schematic or wiring diagram for my engine?
July 21, 2018

Read through this Briggs and Stratton FAQ to find the electrical schematic or wiring diagram for your small engine. Read More »

Emission-Related Engine Installation Instructions
June 30, 2018

Looking for emission related installation instructions? Learn how to find your emission related installation instructions, for all Briggs and Stratton Gas-Powered Engines. Read More »