• Experience the tranquility during a power outage. Prepare yourself for storm season with a Briggs & Stratton standby generator. #weather

  • Be ready before the storm hits. Visit your local Briggs dealer to assure your home will be #PoweredByBriggs.

  • What are your go-to lawn tools for keeping your yard manicured? +HGTV gives us a breakdown for the 10 must-haves! #LawnCare #LawnTools #YardMaintenance

  • What does your fertilizer situation look like for your lawn? Read this post for highlights on what you need to know! #Fertilizer #GreenGrass #LawnCare

  • REMINDER: To reduce the risk of fire keep at least 5 feet of clearance on all sides of the generator including overhead. #HurricanePrep

  • With #hurricanes comes water – a lot of it! Keep your portable generator in a dry location in your house/garage before use. #stormtips

  • Father’s Day is just around the corner! While this dad-centric holiday is certainly not all about the gifts, I speak from experience that every dad will love a gift that shows you truly thought about ...

  • We are proud to say our 4 cycle engine leads the world in production and quality. See?

  • Hey #yardwarriors! Have you accomplished any of your yard care goals this spring? If so, what did you do?

  • It's the most wonderful time of the year!

  • Here's why:

  • When a #hurricane watch is issued, you typically have 24-36 hours before possible landfall. Use those hours wisely. #hurricaneprep

  • If there is a power outage, DO NOT light candles. Instead, have several flashlights, batteries and a portable generator. #PoweredByBriggs

  • When refueling the generator, turn it off and let it cool down for at least two minutes before removing the fuel cap. #EnginesMatter

  • In 2012, #Hurricane Sandy caused 8.5 million power outages across 21 states. The largest power outage from a hurricane ever recorded.

  • Redesigned from the ground up. #EnginesMatter

  • Take advantage of #MemorialDay sales on new Briggs & Stratton innovations! Check out our new products - including an easily stored folding lawn mower, mower that don't EVER need an oil change & more - for your holiday sale shopping trip.

  • Our Answer Center often gets asked the question of whether it makes more sense to rent a pressure washer or to own one. But those that may only use a pressure washer a couple times a year and are on t...

  • Remembering all of those who made the ultimate sacrifice in service to our nation on this Memorial Day.

  • Remembering all of those who made the ultimate sacrifice in service to our nation on this Memorial Day.

  • Hurricane season is quickly approaching. And while we can’t control the weather, we can certainly control how prepared we are for whatever a hurricane may deliver. National Hurricane Preparedness week...

  • We don't blame ya, Kenneth! Who wishes they could get their hands on this Briggs classic? #FanShareFriday

  • Looks like @guerogorilla is ready to hit the water with his “strong and true” 5HP outboard #BriggsandStratton Motor! Who’s getting outside this weekend?

  • Hurricane Preparedness Week starts Sunday. Are you prepared for Mother Nature's fury? For tips:

  • #EnginesMatter

  • It's hard to imagine a backyard without a Briggs & Stratton! #Repost @arjayv610 ・・・ Picked up a new ride today! #beforeandafter #homeowner #nomorejungleyard #briggsandstratton

  • Your grass is the first thing to greet your visitors and passerby, so make sure it's at its BEST! Check out these tips to make for a healthier, more vibrant lawn! #KeepItGreen #LawnCare #YardMaintenance

  • Do it yourself or take it in? That's the question.

  • Hey, #GearHeads! Last time was too easy, who thinks they know what part this is?

  • We are very humbled and honored to be voted #10 in the Reputation Institute's 2015 RepTrak® 100, America's largest annual survey of corporate reputations. For more info, see below.

  • Last year, Tim Carter from Ask the Builder reviewed our innovative Quiet Power Technology Engine. What he found was astonishing. Check out this video to see the engine in action!

  • The @thetorocompany SmartStow Recycler helps make room for all those new toys you’ve been eyeing up this summer with our Mow N Stow engine technology. Find exclusively at your local @homedepot.

  • Want beautiful green grass and a yard worthy of neighbor's envy? Our #lawnmaintenance schedule has tips for all season!

  • At Briggs & Stratton we’re proud of the connection we have with our customers. From a robust answer center that troubleshoots all day long to gathering consumer testimonials through ratings ...

  • @southwestfl_fp slooooooowed it down for us, so we can really appreciate this vintage engine in action!

  • Here’s a #FlashbackFriday and #FanShare for all of our authorized service dealers from our friend, Dan! Do you have any classic Briggs & Stratton signage? We’d love to see it!

  • Our good friend Tim Carter of is at it again! Recently we had the outdoor power equipment fan out to our Briggs & Stratton headquarters in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin to test out a few ...

  • How old is your #BriggsandStratton? #tbt

  • Mow 'N' Stow™ Lawn Mower Engine Technology: Briggs & Stratton Demo

  • EXi “Never Change Oil” Mower Engine: Briggs & Stratton Demo

  • May is Storm Preparedness Month! Check out @alroker and @stephanieabrams talk with @LouManfredini from the @theweatherchannel about how to stay prepared! Link in bio!

  • Don't let your lawn get to jungle status! There are more benefits in regularly mowing than you may realize - read on to find out more! #LawnMaintenance #Mowing #LawnCare

  • Is the drought affecting you? What changes are you making in your lawn to help conserve water? Let us know in the comments below! #Drought #Landscaping #LawnCare

  • Don't neglect important maintenance on your pressure washer to keep it in pristine working condition this spring and summer. Check out these great tips brought to you by +The Family Handyman! #PressureWasher #OPE

  • Just Check & Add, Never Change the Oil? Yes, you read that correctly! The trick to our new EXi engine is to keep the oil cool and clean.

  • Mower won't start or runs poorly? Don't panic! Check out this Briggs & Stratton FAQ with quick fixes for common small engine problems - from starting to stalling to smoking & more.

  • Have 30 minutes to spare this spring? Put it to good use by performing an annual lawn mower small engine tune up before the first use of the season. Briggs & Stratton makes it easy with an all-in-...

  • It’s not often that a high-school student voluntarily signs up for more exams and extra studying. But that’s just what Nolan Bunting, a 17-year old from small town Home, Alaska did to beco...

  • A shed is the perfect storage space for all of your outdoor power equipment and lawn and garden tools. What yard projects do you have in the works this spring? #OPE #Spring

  • Earlier this week I was excited to introduce EXi, the engine that never needs an oil change*. Today, I’ve got yet another great innovation to introduce: InStart® Lithium0Ion Electric Start Lawn ...

  • There are a lot of great things about working for Briggs & Stratton. One of them is that I get to talk to a lot people who know a lot about how to keep my lawn looking great. It’s especially impor...

  • InStart™ Lithium-Ion Lawn Mower Engine: Briggs & Stratton Demo

  • Spring is my favorite time of year…not only do I get to look forward to better weather and getting outdoors again, it’s the time where we at Briggs & Stratton get to introduce the late...

  • QPT™ Quiet Lawn Mower Engine Put to the Test in Pheonix, AZ

  • EXi Lawn Mower Innnovation

  • InStart™ IS Electric Start Lawn Mowers

  • Briggs & Stratton Commercial Turf Series Engine

  • 550-2100 Series™ General Purpose Engines

  • 750-2100 Snow Series™

  • An In-Depth Look at Torque Ratings on Engines with Briggs & Stratton

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27 May 2015

Ask the Builder Experiences the Latest Innovations from Briggs & Stratton Corporation

Recently, Briggs & Stratton hosted Tim Carter from at their Wisconsin headquarters so he could test the latest innovations and share his genuine reactions with his readers.

26 May 2015

5 Tips for Safe Camping with a Portable Generator

Each year, Memorial Day weekend marks the beginning of camping season with people flocking to lakes, parks and other remote areas to enjoy the peace and quiet of the outdoors. Campers that require a few modern conveniences from home often turn to the

24 May 2015

Briggs & stratton Corporation Harris Poll Survey: How Homeowners Prepare For Power Outages

Two-thirds of U.S. homeowners having experienced a prolonged power outage said they were motivated by their time in the dark to prepare differently for a future outage, according to results of a Harris Poll conducted last spring sponsored by Briggs &

19 May 2015

Briggs & Stratton Corporation And Propeller Recognized By Milwaukee Business Marketing Association

This April the BMA Bell Awards Show honored Briggs & Stratton (NYSE:BGG) and Propeller with an Excellence Award in the Business-to-business Collateral/Literature/Presentation-Campaign category for their 2015 Power Marketing Program (PMP) Mobil

14 May 2015

Tools in Action reviews Briggs & Stratton InStart Lithium-Ion Battery Technology Powered Mower

Watch the guys at Tools in Action put the new InStart powered mower to the test.

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