Quick Tips for Riding Mower Maintenance

  NOTICE: ENGINE MAY BE SHIPPED WITHOUT OIL. Check oil level before starting engine. See "Oil Recommendations" in operator's manual for type of oil to use and checking/filling instructions. Do not overfill.
  Use clean, fresh, unleaded gasoline (not to exceed 10% Ethanol). Do not mix oil with gasoline. Use Briggs & Stratton Fresh Start® (Part # 1000002), available at your lawn & garden reseller to assure fuel freshness.
  NOTICE! DO NOT USE E-85 GASOLINE. This engine is NOT designed to operate on E-85. Using e-85 may result in costly engine repairs and void the engine warranty.
  To prevent starting or performance problems, transport and store the equipment with the engine in its normal operating position. Refer to Engine Operating Manual for complete transporting and servicing guidelines.
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