Find Your Briggs and Stratton Model Number

After purchasing equipment powered by a Briggs and Stratton engine, it is a good idea to record your model number, once identified, in your operator’s manual or in your personalized account on for future reference.

Knowing the model, type and code number of your Briggs and Stratton engine, will make it easy to order generator, pressure washer and lawn mower maintenance or service parts and ensure that you purchased the right tune-up kit.

The process is fairly straight forward and only varies slightly from one product to another. The model numbers are always etched or stamped into a metal part, so they cannot be erased or worn off. Most mowers for example, have the numbers embossed on a metal plate extending over the top of the muffler.

Small Engine Model Numbers Indicate the Following:

1. The first number on the plate indicates the model
2. The second number is the type
3. The third number is the code

Pressure washer model numbers are located on the side of the metal overhead valve cover under the muffler

• Most portable generators have their model numbers located on the side of overheard cover as well

Riding mowers with a twin cylinder engine have the numbers located on the top of the cover

• And tillers model numbers are located on the side of this cover, where it is more visible

Most of these numbers are easily accessed and read with only a flash light or other light source and occasionally one small tool. The push lawn mower engine featured in the video, for example, requires a quarter inch socket to remove two small bolts from the decorative engine cover so that it can be removed for an easier viewing of the model, type and code information. The numbers can then be seen on the top front side of the engine, near the spark plug. We hope this information will help you to locate the engine model, type and code number on your outdoor power equipment.

If you still have questions about your engine model numbers, contact your local Briggs and Stratton Dealer.