People Experience POWERflow+ Technology™ Pressure Washers

At our Briggs & Stratton Outdoor Power Equipment demo event for Spring 2015, consumers had the chance to try out PowerFlow+™ pressure washer technology. PowerFlow+ is high pressure plus high flow for deep cleaning and extended reach. The 7-in-1 pressure washer nozzle saves you time with just a twist of the wrist.

PowerFlow+ Technology Pressure Washer Reviews

Throughout the event, consumers were able to test power washing windows, dirty sidewalks, patio furniture and even a mock house with dirty siding.

Here were some of the power washer reviews: “Doing good, I can see how much cleaner it is. It’s blowin’ the stuff right outta here!” “It’s got some POWER to it!” “I like how it’ll get to the higher levels and our home is actually a little taller than that in a couple spots so, I think it’ll do it!” “Oh! Look at that!”

The verdict is clear: PowerFlow+ Technology from Briggs & Stratton is the best pressure washer choice when you need high flow and high pressure for extended reach and deep cleaning!

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