Not Your Dad's Mower Buying Guide

If you associate mowing the lawn with an aching back and an old-fashioned, engine-less manual reel mower, it’s high time for you to check out new product offerings and considering buying a lawn mower. Lawn mowers have changed dramatically since Briggs & Stratton introduced the lightweight all-aluminum engine, Easy-Spin starting, an automatic choke, and noise dampening Lo-Tone Mufflers. For what great features to look for in your new lawn mower, read on.

Rear-Wheel Drive

Different from an old push mower that requires tugging, shoving, and a lot of energy on the operator’s behalf; a walk-behind mower generates its own energy and propels itself forward. Rear-wheel drive provides better traction than front-wheel drive, especially uphill with a full bag of clippings.

Deck Material

With careful maintenance and proper storage, your dad’s mower lasted for twenty years. Make sure to buy a lawn mower made out of corrosion-resistant aluminum or heavy-duty plastic to ensure a long lifespan and the utmost durability.

Premium Small Engine

While horsepower doesn’t equate to the best engine necessarily, Consumer Reports attests that “an engine with overhead valves or an overhead camshaft should run more efficiently and start more easily than a traditional side-valve mower engine…” especially “…as it ages.” Briggs & Stratton push mower engines start easier, run quieter, and have a longer lifespan.

Now that you’ve learned about some newer features to focus on during your lawn mower purchase, check out Briggs & Stratton’s more in-depth Push Mower Buying Guide for safety tips, maintenance instructions, and more. 


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