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The pressure’s on. You take pride in your car, your outdoor space, and the surfaces around your home. Get out there and power off the dirt fast and easy with our super team of pressure washers. Power wash your car, patio furniture and outside areas with our gas or electric light-duty pressure washers. Take on that garage floor, deck, driveway and even the house siding with our medium-duty pressure washer. Step up to wipe out the toughest stains, remove paint, and eradicate rust or graffiti with our fearless heavy-duty pressure washer.

Briggs & Stratton designed the patented Grip-N-Go™ pressure washer to allow power washing to both start and stop with just the squeeze of a button. We also offer the PowerFlow+ pressure washer, the only pressure washer available that provides both high pressure and high flow.

Use our buying guides to determine the right power washer to clean up your home or business.

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1700 MAX PSI / 1.3 MAX GPM

Practical for smaller projects at home.

1800 MAX PSI / 4.0 MAX GPM

Get the best of both, high pressure and high flow.

1800 MAX PSI / 1.3 MAX GPM

Clean your walkways, patio furniture and car faster and easier than you could with a garden hose alone.

2200 MAX PSI / 1.9 MAX GPM

Make quick work of outdoor cleaning with this versatile pressure washer.

2600 MAX PSI / 2.0 MAX GPM

Get the cleaning power, reliability and ease of use you need to get your cleaning project done.

2800 MAX PSI / 2.3 MAX GPM

Enjoy a cleaner driveway, siding, deck and more with this user-friendly Briggs & Stratton pressure washer.

3000 MAX PSI / 2.8 MAX GPM

The rugged Briggs & Stratton 900 Series™ engine, a heavy-duty pump and multiple spray tips give you aggressive cleaning power around the house.

3000 MAX PSI / 2.7 MAX GPM

Quiet Sense® technology, helps you keep the peace in your neighborhood with an engine that idles 40% quieter** than competing pressure washers.

3000 MAX PSI / 2.7 MAX GPM

This Briggs & Stratton pressure washer is equipped with a heavy duty, all-steel base which gives it more durability and makes hose connections easier.

3000 MAX PSI / 5.0 Max GPM

Get the best of both, high pressure and high flow.

3000 MAX PSI / 2.7 MAX GPM

This pressure washer's got it all including a 14" Surface Cleaner and Second Story Nozzle Kit.

3000 MAX PSI / 2.7 MAX GPM

Take the guessing game out of starting your pressure washer and clean your walkways, patio and vehicles with ease.