Celebrate Independence Day on a bright note

MILWAUKEE, WI (June 23, 2016)  Pressure washers make great all-in-one outdoor cleaning tools, and adding accessories can make any pressure washer even more functional for homeowners. The experts at Briggs & Stratton Corporation have four pressure washer accessories to maximize convenience and save time spent cleaning outdoor spaces for the 4th of July.

"The Fourth of July is about maximizing time with friends and family," says Dan Roche, director of marketing for Portable Power and Cleaning Systems at Briggs & Stratton. "Incorporating the proper detergents and time-saving accessories into a cleaning routine will ensure patio and outdoor entertaining spaces are ready for Independence Day parties in minimal time."

These four pressure washer accessories can help outdoor cleanup projects go smoothly and safely:

Match the right detergent to the task
Briggs & Stratton has developed a wide variety of pressure washer detergents to help homeowners tackle just about any cleaning project. The Multi-Purpose Cleaner is formulated to remove mold and mildew stains, dirt and grime from siding, patios and more. It’s the perfect detergent for heavily soiled areas around the outside of a home. For users looking to tackle stains on garage floors and driveways, the Heavy-Duty Degreaser is a great solution. Designed to remove gas, oil and grease stains, the detergent will make short work of this cleaning job. The Pressure Washer Deck Cleaner is formulated specifically for use on wood decks, fences and siding while the Vehicle, Boat and Car Wash detergent helps break down dirt, grime and grease from cars, trucks, boats, RV’s and more. Detergent, through its composition, needs time to attach to a stain and lift it from the surface being cleaned. Homeowners tackling difficult stains should let the detergent soak for 3-5 minutes before rinsing.

Avoid “zebra stripes” with a rotating surface cleaner
Deep cleaning outdoor areas such as garage floors, driveways, decks and more can be done up to five-times faster* with either of Briggs & Stratton’s rotating surface cleaners. The rotating surface cleaners have an integrated detergent tank to apply and quickly deep clean large areas, while controlling overspray to protect walls and flower beds. The 16-inch rotating surface cleaner is designed for new gas model pressure washers, while the 14-inch rotating surface cleaner is made for electric pressure washers.

Scrub with the dual action pressure washer brush
For the hard to reach and irregular shaped dirty surfaces such as siding, gutters or patio furniture, homeowners should grab a Briggs & Stratton® Dual Action Pressure Washer Brush. The brush is designed to rotate and alternate, allowing users to effortlessly scrub soiled areas while the pressure washer works to lift the dirt. The dual action pressure washer brush works with most pressure washers up to 3,000 PSI.

Change spray patterns with a multi-tip nozzle
Make changing spray patterns a snap with one convenient, multi-tip hose nozzle head and eliminate the potential of lost or damaged individual spray tips. Just push, turn and click the nozzle head (similar to a garden hose nozzle) to change spray patterns from pinpoint to wide fan for precise cleaning, as well as use detergent and flush options. Briggs & Stratton pressure washers with POWERflow+ TechnologyTM come standard with an exclusive 7-in-1 nozzle for one-handed use that allows users to not only change the spray pattern, but also change from high pressure to high flow mode without changing nozzles.

Briggs & Stratton urges safe use of any pressure washer by:

  • Always wear indirect vented (chemical splash) safety goggles when using or near this product. (Safety glasses do not provide full protection). 
  • Always wear protective clothing such as long-sleeved shirt, long pants and closed-toed shoes.

For more pressure washer accessories and cleaning tips, visit www.briggsandstratton.com.

*The 16-inch Rotating Surface Cleaner cleans up to 5-times faster than a 40-degree nozzle. The 14-inch Rotating Surface Cleaner is up to 4-times faster than a 40-degree nozzle.

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