Briggs & Stratton Corporation Offers Advice to Keep Equipment Healthy

MILWAUKEE, WI (August 3, 2016) — Summer fun and yard care have long been under way. By now, outdoor power equipment has likely seen heavy use. Briggs & Stratton Corporation wants to remind outdoor power equipment owners that now is a great time to do some mid-season maintenance. Taking time to maintain your engine in the middle of the season, especially if a spring tune-up wasn’t performed, will ensure continued easy starting and keep equipment running at its peak performance throughout the rest of the season. Just five simple tasks will keep equipment in pristine condition:

First and foremost, remember to disconnect the sparkplug before performing any maintenance.

1. Sharpen lawn mower blades: Dull blades can rip grass, leaving it ragged and disease prone. Keeping the blade sharp creates a clean cut and helps cut down on mowing time.

2. Change the air filter: The air filter is responsible for keeping dust and other particles out of the engine. Changing the air filter will keep the mower and engine running effortlessly.

3. Change the oil: There are two main reasons to change the oil. When the engine runs, the oil heats up which causes it to breakdown and create sludge. Secondly, debris gets into the oil, causing it to become dirty. We recommend changing your oil after 25 hours of use. But, engines with the Briggs & Stratton Just Check & Add feature only require checking and adding oil as it slightly breaks down, but never needs to be changed*.

4. Change the spark plug: To avoid stalling, replace the spark plug. The spark plug is in charge of delivering smooth, easy starts.

5. Add Fuel Treatment and Stabilizer: Fuel goes stale after 30 days, which creates gumming and varnish build up in the engine, leading to hard and failing starts. Adding a fuel treatment to the gas can every time at fill up helps avoid hard or failing starts. Fuel treatment that is alcohol free and also includes a detergent and stabilizers such as theBriggs & Stratton® Advanced Formula Fuel Treatment and Stabilizer is very effective and stabilizes fuel for up to three years. 

To further assist with maintenance, Briggs & Stratton has made it easy to find specific parts or manuals. First, engines made in 2012 or later will have a QR bar code to scan on the front or back of the engine. With a smartphone and a QR reader app, scanning the barcode leads directly to the manual and illustrated parts list. Secondly, entering the model number that is stamped into the unit at the Briggs & Stratton website will bring up the specific manual and illustrated parts list. To make it even easier to locate the model number or QR code, watch the “How to Find Your Model Number” video.

Taking a small amount of time mid-season to tune up your mower and engine can keep the equipment running smoothly and extend the life over time. “The Higher Horizons scholarship program not only demonstrates Briggs & Stratton’s commitment to the community, but also its commitment to education and student achievement,” said Laura Timm, vice president of corporate communications and public affairs at Briggs & Stratton. “We are honored to have built a strong relationship with MPS, and look forward to awarding these scholarships for years to come.”

Each recipient will receive a $1,000 scholarship to put toward their college education and related expenses. The three winners were selected by their teachers, counselors and a variety of people who witnessed their academic and personal growth. They also had to submit personal essays detailing future educational goals.

“The Higher Horizons scholarship is critical for our students, as it lessens the impact of tuition costs,” said Ophelia King, School Counseling Curriculum Specialist at MPS. “More importantly, it recognizes and rewards deserving students who have grown so much both personally and in their school work. We are truly thankful for the support provided by Briggs & Stratton over the years.”

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