Prep now and get a healthy, lush lawn in the spring

MILWAUKEE, WI (August 31, 2016) – Labor Day signals the end of summer, and with the change of seasons brings must-needed lawn care maintenance changes. While grass and plant growth may begin slowing down and start to show signs that they are stockpiling resources for the cooler months, it doesn’t mean that yardcare should slow down. These recommendations from Briggs & Stratton Corporation will help everyone from lawn care beginners to pros prepare their lawns for the cooler months ahead, so they come back lush and strong in spring. 

1. Cover and Mulch

As temperatures drop and the first frost approaches, it’s time to bring delicate potted plants indoors. Place plants near sunlit windows and away from drafty vents so they can continue to flourish and grow.

Before covering outdoor plants with cheesecloth or clear agricultural cloth, spread mulch around flowers, bushes and trees. Mulch acts as an insulator against the cold and snow and will protect root systems during the wintry months.

2. Aerate and Mow

Even though your garden and grass grows more slowly, yard work continues through the fall. Aerate your lawn early in the season to ensure moisture and fertilizer reaches the roots. This preparation gives your lawn what it needs to survive the dormant months ahead.

If you raised your lawn mower deck over the summer, it’s time to return it to its normal deck height of 2 inches. Short grass survives winter better because it doesn’t succumb to the weight of snow and ice—just be sure to still never cut more than 1/3 of the blade of grass during your cutting sessions.

3. Fertilize and Water

Before fertilizing, remove fallen leaves, sticks and debris from your lawn. Spread fertilizer evenly across the lawn in order to encourage strong root growth in winter. Lightly water your lawn once you finish fertilizing.

Watering should continue throughout the fall but less frequently. Keep an eye on your local temperatures and precipitation so you water when your yard needs it the most. 

Remember, a great yard in the spring begins with extra care now. By incorporating these recommendations from Briggs & Stratton you can expect a healthy, beautiful yard come spring.

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