Plan Now for These 3 Pressure Washer Spring Cleaning Projects

Briggs & Stratton offers thought-starters to help homeowners prep for the cleaning season

MILWAUKEE (February 4, 2016) — The spring cleaning experts at Briggs & Stratton® Corporation (NYSE: BGG) are offering homeowners a few project thought-starters well ahead of the spring cleaning season to help spur cleaning ideas and maximize productivity in homes across the country.

“Oftentimes, spring cleaning or spring remodeling projects can evolve into a little more than routine home cleaning,” says Dan Roche, marketing manager for Briggs & Stratton’s Portable Power and Cleaning Systems division. “But the real intention behind spring cleaning is to accomplish something big that will have a lasting impact on the home’s value, appearance or quality of living.”

There are home improvement products that can be used to complete several cleaning projects. For example, the Briggs & Stratton Pressure Washers with POWERflow+ Technology™ can assist in many large-scale cleaning projects. Electric and gas pressure washers are so versatile that they can clean almost anything. Pressure washers are strong enough to reach and clean second-floor windows, but also can be dialed back to clean a home’s patio furniture that likely need more than a wet rag to wash away the grime of a long winter.

“Before spring arrives is the ideal time for homeowners to think big,” Roche says. “Homeowners should use this time before warmer weather arrives to consider what cleaning projects will bring them the most satisfaction come springtime.”

Here are three pressure washer projects that homeowners can start planning for now before springtime hits.

  1. Second-floor window cleaning
    Do the second-floor windows need a thorough cleaning? This is an often-overlooked project that can have a dramatic impact on the way the home is viewed, both from outside on the property as well as inside the second-floor rooms that have the dirty windows.
  2. Garage organization and cleaning
    Giving a garage a complete reorganization and cleaning is a perfect way to start spring. It can be an especially good time to give a thorough cleaning after a winter season of tracking in snow and dirt through the garage. Once the space is swept clean, give the floor a final deep cleaning with a pressure washer for a pristine look, while also preventing another cleaning for a long time. What’s more, new pressure washer cleaning accessories, including surface cleaners and detergents, don’t break the bank and make deep cleaning easy. If you are using a gas powered pressure washer, make sure to run it outside with the exhaust away from the garage and always remember to wear safety goggles, long pants and sturdy footwear during operation.
  3. Stain the back patio/deck
    Staining the back patio/deck can take an average backyard space to the next level. Briggs & Stratton pressure washers can be used to ensure the wood is stripped of any dirt, debris or inconsistencies that could negatively affect the staining process.

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