Briggs and Stratton Monitor Internet Sellers

May 15, 2008 – Milwaukee, Wisconsin – Briggs & Stratton Corporation announced that it would closely monitor Internet sellers. Electronic Commerce over the Internet has increased the product choices consumers have. In an effort to ensure consumers are not misled through misuse of Briggs & Stratton trademarks, we will closely monitor web sites claiming to sell Briggs & Stratton parts, engines, and products. For those sites that misuse our trademarks or mislead consumers with non-genuine Briggs & Stratton products, we will take appropriate actions to address these concerns.

Doug Dougherty, Director of Distributor Support for Briggs & Stratton Corporation emphasized, "Our goal is to protect dealers of genuine Briggs & Stratton products from infringement of our intellectual property rights, and to help our dealer network grow their Briggs & Stratton business. We will also be developing sales and marketing programs to support those authorized dealers who choose to sell our products over the Internet. We are proud of our heritage, our brands, and the support of our loyal dealer network and will take appropriate actions to protect these valuable assets."

Contact: Laura Timm
Briggs & Stratton Corporation
(414) 259-5333