Briggs and Stratton Introduces Breakthrough Transfer Switch Technology

Briggs & Stratton Introduces Breakthrough Transfer Switch Technology


MILWAUKEE (September 8, 2011) — Designed to simplify installation while still providing the generator power needed for most homes, Briggs & Stratton Standby Power announced its new dual 200-amp/split 400-amp automatic transfer switch.

The first solution of its kind for the market, the new integrated solution is designed to transfer 400 amps of power from two 200-amp service panels with one dual 200-amp/split 400-amp transfer switch. Previously, homeowners who needed 400 amps to power their home would have purchased a more expensive 400-amp transfer switch, or installed two separate 200-amp switches. The new dual 200-amp/split 400 amp transfer switch matches the power of those options, but is sleeker, lighter and has lower installation costs than separate 200-amp transfer switches, as less wiring is required.

"Right now, the popular method to servicing a 400-amp home with two 200-amp service panels is by installing two separate 200 amp transfer switches," said Troy Tesmer, Briggs & Stratton program manager. "With the Briggs & Stratton dual 200-amp automatic transfer switch, we simplify the installation to a single switch location. It’s easier to install for electricians and is more aesthetically pleasing for homeowners."

Factory pre-wired generator power distribution further reduces installation time and materials needed onsite.

The Briggs & Stratton dual 200-amp/split 400 amp automatic transfer switch is available with Briggs & Stratton power management systems. Air Conditioning Control Module power management systems manage a home’s power needs during an outage by electronically controlling electric loads, thus providing more power with a smaller generator.

The new automatic transfer switch is also compatible with the Symphony™ II power management system for GE Generator Systems. The Symphony™ II power management system prioritizes appliance power needs at installation to provide ultimate power management during an outage. Briggs & Stratton is the exclusive licensee of GE Generator Systems.

The dual 200-amp/split-400 amp automatic transfer switch will only be sold as part of a Briggs & Stratton or GE Generator Systems 20kW1, 30kW1 or 45/48kW1purchase. It is not applicable to homes with a single 400-amp service panel.

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This generator is rated in accordance with UL (Underwriters Laboratories) 2200 (stationary engine generator assemblies) and CSA (Canadian Standards Association) standard C22.2 No. 100-04 (motors and generators).