Briggs and Stratton Generates a Return to Routine in Haiti

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN-June, 2010 -- Briggs & Stratton Corporation has donated nearly 250 Storm Responder 5500-watt, portable generators to grassroots organizations, including schools and churches, and a number of government agencies in Haiti. The generators were immediately put to use as electrical services are slowly restored. The generators will also serve as reserve power as hurricane season officially began in the region on June 1.

According to Laura Timm, Director of Corporate Communications for Briggs & Stratton, who has just returned from Haiti, “Our employees realized that some of the basic services that we take for granted everyday – a supply of fresh water, a reliable source of power – were still lacking in Haiti. They made the connection between our generator products and the need in Haiti. Our employees, along with our senior team, knew we had a tremendous opportunity to help; and the donation just felt natural to us. I’m humbled to have been able to travel to Haiti to see our Storm Responder generators in use in local schools and churches. Even today, five months after the earthquake, the devastation left behind is beyond comprehension. Our family of employees is honored to have done a small part in generating a return to some degree of routine for the men, women and children of Haiti.”

John Engle, Co-Director of Haiti Partners added, “When we received the call from Briggs & Stratton we were thrilled to know that the situation in Haiti was still top of mind in the states. As a global company, Briggs & Stratton realizes to make a difference in the community it must consider that community the world.”

“This donation dovetails into Briggs & Stratton’s core value -- to improve the lives of as many people as possible, from our customers to our employees to our communities at large,” said Todd Teske, Briggs & Stratton President & CEO. “When our employees voiced the desire to make the donation, we reached out to Haiti Partners and with their guidance, made it happen quickly,” he added.

Media contact:
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GKW Communications for Briggs & Stratton Corporation
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