Wireless Power Outage Notifications from Infohub by Briggs & Stratton

When you’re away from home during a storm or power outage, it is natural to worry about flooding basements or food going bad in powerless refrigerators. Briggs & Stratton has a solution to make sure you’re not stuck in the dark!

Stay informed with infohub™ by Briggs & Stratton. Infohub™ wireless monitoring technology is compatible with all Briggs & Stratton standby home generators as of August 2005. Infohub™ wireless monitoring tells you what you need to know about your standby generator – when you want to know it. Whether at home, work or safely evacuated from severe weather conditions, smart wireless generator monitoring lets you use your computer, tablet, or smart phone to check your generator status.

How Generator Notifications Work

Infohub™ constantly monitors the signal from your standby generator. When the generator’s status changes—utility power is turned off or utitlity power is restored or maintenance is needed—Infohub™ instantly sends an alert to your email or phone. Generator notifications can be accessed three ways:

Web-Based Power Outage Notifications:

InfoHub™ offers a user-friendly display that makes it easy to monitor and manage your generator. Confirm your generator status, adjust home generator settings, monitor usage, setup generator maintenance reminders, and access local generator dealer information.

Power Outage Mobile App:

The infohub™ app lets you easily track whether your generator is on or off, generator problems and maintenance notifications, and schedule generator service.

Power Outage Text Messages & Mobile Alerts:

Infohub™ does more than text you when power loss occurs. You can also schedule mobile alerts for generator maintenance or service, learn when your generator turns on and off, and receive notifications if your home generator has operational problems. Infohub™ makes generator maintenance easy and convenient. It can even forward alerts directly to your generator dealer for hands-off repair and trouble-shooting.

Installing infohub™: Generator Compatibility

The new infohub™ system is compatible with all Briggs & Stratton models as of August 2005.

Whether you are waiting at home for utility power to be restored, away from home or have evacuated to some place safe, infohub™ keeps you in the loop!