5 Tips for Safe Camping with a Portable Generator

MILWAUKEE (May 26, 2015) — Each year, Memorial Day weekend marks the beginning of camping season with people flocking to lakes, parks and other remote areas to enjoy the peace and quiet of the outdoors. Campers that require a few modern conveniences from home often turn to the quiet, efficient power provided by a portable generator. Briggs & Stratton (NYSE: BGG) would like to remind campers of five generator safety rules to follow while enjoying creature comforts in the great outdoors.

  • Setup Safely. When using a generator, be aware that engine exhaust contains carbon monoxide, a poisonous gas that can be deadly. Never operate a generator indoors or in a tent or RV. When setting up camp, be sure to position the generator safely so that exhaust doesn’t affect the user or neighboring campers. Place the generator in an outside space, far from occupied areas, with its exhaust pointing away from campsites.
  • Heavy Cords, Properly Placed. Always use heavy-duty extension cords and avoid running them under rugs or carpet to prevent electrical fires. Route extension cords through the campsite carefully to prevent tripping in high traffic areas.
  • Take Care with Fuel and Fire. Never refuel a hot or running generator while camping or otherwise. Always turn a generator off and let it cool down before refueling. For added safety, have a fire extinguisher handy when refueling.
  • Watch When It Is Wet. Do not operate a generator in rain or wet weather. Always be careful when operating a portable generator and handling electrical cords in wet conditions to avoid injury or death by electrocution.
  • Read the Manual. Take the time to read and understand the complete list of hazards described in the generators operators’ manual before using a generator.

    To learn more about Briggs & Stratton® Portable Generators, visit briggsandstratton.com. For additional tips on the safe use of portable generators, visit the Portable Generator Manufacturers Association at pgmaonline.com.

    Patty Lavelle

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