Goodbye oil change. Hello easy.

Push Mower Innovation No Oil Change

You value your time – and any timesaver that makes life easier. That’s why we developed the first walk-behind mower engines that never needs an oil change. With our new EXi Series – Just Check & Add™, never change the oil – ever.

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Start effortlessly, every time.

Push Mower Innovation Lithium Battery

You’re ready to work hard on that yard, and you need a mower that’s ready when you are. Gas-power meets effortless starting for the first time with our InStart® engine’s lithium-ion battery electric starting technology. Skip pulling the rope and get right to work with our easiest starting engine ever.

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More storage room for more toys.

Push Mower Innovation Storage Mow Stow

You need a tough, reliable lawn mower but your storage is at a premium. Our one-of-a-kind patented Mow N’ Stow® engine technology stores upright for a 70 percent reduction in footprint. It fits those tight spots in your shed or garage, making more room for your favorite recreational or sports equipment. Play on!

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Quietest on the block.

Push Mower Innovation Quiet Engine

You’ll have no worries about bothering the neighbors with our low noise lawn mower engines. This innovative series practically purrs at up to 60% quieter*, with reduced vibration. You can cut the grass early in the day or later at night – and you can hear what’s going on around you.

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