Features That Make a Difference

Once you determine the level of performance you will need and considered other attributes such as power source, tank orientation, compressor style and pump type in a new air compressor, it’s time to consider other value-added features that you may want. Here are a few features to consider:
  • Well-protected and conveniently located control panel and gauges provide easy access.
  • An oversize regulator knob makes pressure adjustments quick and easy.
  • heavy-duty electric motor with manual reset protects against overload.
  • Quiet Power Technology® innovation allows for quieter power during operation.
  • Increased power from 200 PSI option available for heavy-duty projects.
  • Two air outlets enable dual-tool operation.
  • Quick connect couplers make adding or removing hoses easy to do.
  • Ball-valve tank drains allow easy draining with a simple quarter turn.
  • Pneumatic tires provide easy maneuvering around the home or job site.
  • A larger tank stores more air, so the pump cycles less frequently.