Replacing O-rings & Screens

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O-rings keep the spray wand and hose connections tight and leak free, while screens help prevent debris from clogging hoses and damaging the water pump. Through normal operation of the pressure washer these parts may become clogged, worn, or damaged and should be cleaned or replaced before the unit is operated.

Remove o-ring with flathead screw-driverStep 1 - To replace an O-ring, use a small flathead screw-driver to pry off the worn or damaged O-ring and discard. Install an O-ring in the same position as the old one.

Water inlet screenStep 2 - Cleaning & Replacing Water Inlet Screen. Use a small flathead screwdriver to remove the inlet screen from the hose connector. If the screen is clogged, flush it and the hose connector with clean water. If the screen is damaged, replace it with a new one with the dome-side of the screen pointed outward.

High-pressure hose and wandStep 3 - Cleaning & Replacing In-Line Screen. Detach the high-pressure hose and wand from the spray gun. Remove the O-ring and in-line screen from the wand extension. Flush the screen, spray gun, and wand with clean water from a garden hose to clear debris.

Replacing in-line screenStep 4 - Cleaning & Replacing In-Line Screen. If the screen is damaged, replace it with a new one: Place a new screen into the threaded end of the wand, pushing it in with the eraser end of a pencil until it rests flat at the bottom of the opening. Be careful to not bend the screen. Place a new O-ring into the recess, pushing it snugly against the screen. Reattach the wand to the spray gun

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