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Where Can I Find My Engine Manual, Illustrated Parts List (IPL) or Repair Manuals?

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In this section, you can find information regarding how to access the operator’s and repair manuals for your Briggs & Stratton engines. From finding the correct model number to downloading the right manual online, continue reading below to find answers to your related questions.

Briggs and Stratton Parts List & Engine Manuals
How to Obtain the Correct Repair Manuals
Troubleshooting - I Can’t Find or Download My Manual / Other Documents

Briggs and Stratton Parts List & Manuals

How can I obtain the Manual and Illustrated Parts List for my Briggs & Stratton equipment?

In order to request or obtain the engine Operator’s Manual, Illustrated Parts List and all other literature, you have to find the engine's stamped or labeled Model (6 characters) and Type (4 digits) Numbers. For assistance with locating your engine numbers, please view our video explaining how to find Briggs & Stratton engine model, type and code numbers:

NOTE: For Briggs & Stratton engines manufactured in 1965 or prior, please visit our Antique Engine Manuals page

Once you have the correct engine model numbers, you can download the Briggs & Stratton engine Manual, IPLs and other engine related documents by searching on our website.

Common Issues during Manual Lookup

To ensure a proper search for your Operator's Manual or Illustrated Parts List on our website, please keep the following points in mind:
Briggs & Stratton manual lookup

  1. Engine numbers must be entered into the search field in the Model-Type-Trim format (example: 126T12-0137-B1) with no spaces before or after the characters. Numbers entered outside of this format will not be recognized by the system.
  2. If your engine model number has only 5 characters (example 98902), a zero (0) must be added to the front of the number (098902) to satisfy the 6 character requirement and be recognized by the system.
  3. If you are certain you have the correct Model-Type-Trim combination, and no document results are found, try using "99" as your Trim Number (example: 126T12-0137-99) This is especially true for engines manufactured before the 2000 model year.
  4. Operator's Manuals and Illustrated Parts Lists for engines manufactured prior to 1965, or model numbers that do not conform to the current five to six character standard (i.e. Models WM, ZZ, 5S, 8FB, 19, 23D, etc.) may be available via our Antique Engine Manuals FAQ.
  5. Please be aware that our predictive search results will display only the first ten engine related documents. To obtain the correct engine Operator's Manual and other literature, be certain to enter the complete engine Model-Type-Trim numbers.

How to Obtain the Correct Repair Manuals

How can I identify which Repair Manual is for my Briggs & Stratton engine?

A Briggs & Stratton Repair Manual is a good resource for any engine specifications and technical servicing information.

You can sometimes find the correct Repair Manuals for your engine model listed in your engine's Illustrated Parts List. You can also look up or find Repair Manuals by engine model through our PDF.

Small Engine Repair Manual
Buy Online

Where Can I Buy the Correct Repair Manual?

You can purchase Repair Manuals through our website or locally from a Briggs & Stratton Dealer.In addition, manuals may also be ordered by telephone (800) 444-7774 (48 Contiguous United States orders only).

Other helpful maintenance documents like the Small Engine Care & Repair Manual can also be ordered through our website, Briggs & Stratton Authorized Dealers & over the phone.

Troubleshooting: I Can’t Find My Manual or Other Documents

Why Can’t I Find My Manual and/or Illustrated Parts List (IPL) on Your Website?

Can't find engine manuals

There could be for several reasons for this. Please be sure that you have the correct engine & model numbers when looking for your Operator’s Manual and/or Illustrated Parts List on our website.

  • Look by Series, Not Model Type: The general manuals in our database apply to several models in a series. For example, if you have a model 12J882, your Operator's Manual will list model 12J800 series.
  • Too old? Check Antique look-up. Current User Manuals and illustrated parts lists are available for free download as well as many out-of-print manuals, some dating back to 1965. If your model is too old, or its identification numbers do not conform to the five to six character Model Number standard established in 1965, it may not be available. For engines manufactured in 1965 or prior, please visit our Antique Engine Manuals.

Why can't I download, view, or print any engine related literature from your website?

Certain Briggs & Stratton engine support materials are available for free download from our website as PDF (portable document format) files. Other literature such as Repair Manuals, engine related books, and more are available for purchase.

If you’re having trouble with viewing, downloading or printing our Operator's Manuals, IPLs & other engine documents, make sure you have the right programs & settings on your computer:

  • Make sure to visit & download the Adobe Reader (free) if your computer doesn’t have the program
    Download Adobe Reader
  • Disable pop-up blockers you may have running can prevent the manuals and files from downloading. In most cases, your pop-up blocker can be temporarily disabled by holding down the "Ctrl" or sometimes the "Shift" key while clicking on the document's link.
  • If your browser fails to open the file and returns only a blank screen, then check your browser settings for PDF files. This can sometimes be resolved by entering the Edit menu in Adobe, clicking on Preferences, followed by Internet, and then unchecking "Display PDF in browser".

If you continue to have viewing, downloading or printing issues with our Operator's manuals and documents, visit Adobe's Support Center.

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