New QPT Quiet Lawn Mower Engine: Hear the Difference

Are you tired of loud lawn mowers? Waking you up early on a Saturday, or those times when you have to take care of yard work early and have to be the neighborhood noise nuisance? All that racket can take the enjoyment out of your family enjoying the backyard while you mow, and hinder your ability to talk to your spouse while you work.

If the above statements sound familiar to you, you’ll be happy to hear about Briggs & Stratton’s exciting Quiet Power Technology lawn mower engine . The groundbreaking 725 QPT™ Series mower engine was designed to be 65% quieter, with less vibration and greater operator comfort than a traditional gas-powered lawn mower.

Our unique Super Lo-Tone® muffler helps further reduce noise and improve tonal quality. But the quieter mower engine doesn’t mean you’re getting less power – there’s still 7.25 ft-lbs of gross torque to tackle tough, thick grass. And the Briggs & Stratton ReadyStart® starting system means there’s no prime and no choke on this mower engine. It will run powerfully and quietly for years with a Commercial-Grade Air Management System, for less debris intake and longer engine life.

Now you can mow earlier in the morning (if you want) or later in the evening without disturbing the neighborhood, and have all the conversations you couldn't have before.

QPT Engines are available exclusively on Craftsman quiet lawn mowers at Sears . Get ready to have a quiet and comfortable new mowing experience!