About P3000 Powersmart Inverter Generators

Portable, smooth, quiet: introducing the Powersmart P3000 Inverter Generator from Briggs & Stratton. More than just a regular portable generator, the P3000 is an inverter generator, which means it provides quiet, consistent power for your home, and your home away from home. This 3000 watt portable generator has enough power to operate your RV, cheer on your team, and provide critical emergency home backup power for your furnace, refrigerator, lights, and sump pump. With its back wheels, a telescoping luggage-style handle, and twin lift handles, the P3000 can be easily transported.

The P3000 inverter generator uses computer controlled technology that saves fuel, runs longer and is safe for sensitive electronics. Yet, for all its power, the P3000 is a quiet portable generator, producing just 58 decibels, so it won’t compete with family fun or even normal conversations. The exclusive illuminated StatStation display helps avoid overloads by constantly monitoring the amount of power being provided. And if you decide you need more power at a later date, simply purchase a second unit and combine them with our Powersmart parallel kit.

Need to plug in your computer? The P3000 portable generator even has a dedicated USB charging outlet that frees up the P3000’s other four outlets for additional lights and appliances. The unit also features a convenient, 120-volt RV outlet and a 12-volt DC charger for charging outdoor power equipment and car batteries.

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