Find Your Utility Engine Model Number

You’ll need your utility engine model number for maintenance and repair for your outdoor power equipment, including pressure washers, portable generators, pumps and tillers. Knowing your model number will ensure that you find the right Briggs & Stratton manual and maintenance or repair parts.

Since utility engine models power a variety of equipment – from pressure washers to tillers and more – their design is consistent across products. You’ll find the utility engine model number in one of a few locations – either stamped directly on the metal equipment, on a label or on a metal tag.

Where to Find Engine Model Numbers: Pressure Washers, Generators & Tillers

For Briggs & Stratton utility engines, the mode numbers locations include:

  • Stamped on the OHV rocker cover - check the rewind side and OPPOSITE side of the rewind
  • Label on the fuel tank
  • For small, late model utility engine: model numbers are stamped in metal near the spark plug
  • Mid-sized late-model engines include a metal tag directly above rewind starter

For help with small engine repair, check out the Briggs & Stratton FAQ or outdoor power equipment how-to articles. You can also get the latest on our pressure washer innovations and portable generator technology.