How to Change Your Mower's Fuel Filter

Know the process of changing the fuel filter on your equipment. Learn when the best time to replace it, where it's located, varying micron ratings and how to change it.

Whether Spring or Fall performing annual maintenance on your outdoor power equipment is an important step in your engine’s overall health. It will prevent costly repairs and extend your engine’s life.

This DIY video shows you just how easy it is to change your engine’s fuel filter. You can’t always tell if the fuel filter is restricted by particles, we recommend changing the fuel filter annually when performing an annual tune-up.

When purchasing a fuel filter you’ll have to decide on the micron rating. It’s the measurement of filtration capability, the smaller the micron number the better the filter is at screening out particulates.

In some equipment like walk-behind mowers and snow blowers the fuel filter may be built in the fuel tank and may not be serviceable. If you are not easily able to locate the fuel filter it may be an in-tank design.

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