People Experience the Inverter Portable Generator 


When the power goes out, you need a reliable portable generator to provide backup power, but what you want is a reliable, simple and quiet portable generator.

Briggs & Stratton Innovations combine all of the latest and best generator qualities into the PowerSmart™ Inverter Generator to give you everything you need and want. This unit makes generator maintenance a snap all while providing backup power to even your most sensitive electronics.

PowerSmart Portable Generator Reviews

Not convinced? Just hear what consumers in Phoenix, Arizona had to say!
“It’s maybe ten feet behind us and you can still hear it but I don’t have to talk over it, versus the older model generators are so loud, you have to yell.”

“How hard is it to start? Done, that was pretty easy.”

“Oh a fuel gauge, I don’t have to open it to see how much fuel is in there.”

“Oh and a parallel, you could piggy back it with another one, you know you could run a series of ‘em together and tether ‘em, if you need a lot more power and that is really neat.”

“Well the best feature right now that I can think of would be the preventative maintenance schedule, reminding you when to change the oil.”

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