Pressure Washers with Quiet Sense Technology

Briggs & Stratton Pressure Washer with Quiet Sense

It's time to hear the difference our Briggs & Stratton Pressure Washers with Quiet Sense can make! The engine is 40% quieter than the standard pressure washer engine. The trick is in the power washer spray gun trigger that once released, the engine auto slows down to idle operating at a much quieter decibel level.
Most pressure washers remain at a constant engine speed whether the pressure washer is in use or not. This makes it difficult to hear over the roar of the typical engine. If you need to take a quick break from your power washing project – to answer a phone call or speak to a family member for example – you don’t have to shut down and restart the engine on your Pressure Washer with Briggs & Stratton Quiet Sense.
Want to hear the difference a quiet pressure washer can make? Watch our pressure washer video to see how the 3000 MAX PSI Pressure Washer makes cleaning the patio or car easier on the ears than ever!