Generator Maintenance Tips to Prepare for Winter

Snow storms and ice storms this winter can cause power outages lasting days, and the thought of enduring a winter outage without a Briggs & Stratton portable or standby generator providing the power you need can be menacing. As the colder weather approaches, ensuring you have properly maintained your generator, provides the peace of mind that it will start no matter what Old Man Winter throws your way.

You may be a die-hard do-it-yourselfer, or a little bit intimidated by the process but, either way, our online store makes it easy to tune-up your portable or standby generator with a wide variety of tools, parts, and resources available. Read on for tips to ensure your Briggs & Stratton generator is up and running anytime you might need it.

Portable Generator Maintenance:

Use Fuel Stabilizer

Don’t use your portable generator often? Store it with an empty fuel tank or use treated fuel to deter gum from forming in and clogging up the fuel system. Add STA-BIL® Storage to clean, fresh fuel before filling the fuel tank and then run your generator for a few minutes to circulate the treated fuel through the fuel system.

STA-BIL fuel additives are the official fuel treatment of all Briggs & Stratton® engines.

Change Your Generator Oil

Make sure your Briggs portable generator has enough oil in it to keep it running smoothly and lengthen your engine’s life. Many generators shut down automatically to protect the engine if the oil level gets too low. To keep your engine protected and ready for any DIY project or home emergency, check the oil level whenever you add fuel by referencing the dipstick and filling to the full marker. Keep a few quarts of oil on hand in case of emergencies.

Be sure to refer to your engine manual and the Briggs & Stratton Engine Oil Recommendation page for specifications.

Inspect Replaceable Parts Regularly

In addition to the engine oil, check out your air filter, fuel filter and spark plug regularly according to your portable generator owner’s manual. Briggs & Stratton makes it easy to reference your manual with our Operator’s Manual page. We also offer a huge selection of affordable parts that maintain your warranty coverage on our website.

Standby Generator Maintenance:

Maintenance Kits

Maintaining your standby generator is very similar to a regular tune-up and oil change on your vehicle. If you’re comfortable in the garage then maintaining your standby generator is equally as easy. We offer complete maintenance kits specifically for your generator to ensure you have everything you need to do the job right.

Standby generator maintenance kits help keep your system running at peak performance, and are designed for scheduled and preventative maintenance practices, delivering the security you rely on when the power goes out.

Partner with an Expert

If you do not have the time, or are not comfortable maintaining your standby generator yourself, trust our expert servicing dealers to take care of the servicing work for you. Our network of trained, authorized dealers will ensure your standby generator is ready for the winter months ahead. Invest in regular maintenance packages for the best value, and be confident this winter that your backup generator will work to keep you and your family warm if the power goes out.

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