How do I get the Pressure Washer to Siphon Detergent?

For basic operating instructions related to your specific pressure washer, please refer to your product Operator's Manual.

Possible causes for lack of cleaning detergent siphoning include:

  • Chemical hose placed on improper port -
    Check clear hose placement.

  • Pressure washer is not set to low pressure -
    Make sure you are using the proper soap siphon setting or nozzle. Refer to operator's manual for correct application.

  • Extension is being used on the high pressure hose -
    Remove any extension on high pressure hose

  • Water supply inlet pressure too high -
    Slowly close the water supply valve while spraying the soap nozzle until suds are visible.

  • Chemical injection area is clogged or component needs to be replaced -
    Test for blockage: Remove the high-pressure hose from the pump and start the engine. If the unit siphons, add one piece at a time until you lose the siphoning action to isolate the piece that would need to be cleaned out or replaced. If the unit still does not siphon, refer to your pressure washer’s Operator's Manual for directions on how to clean the chemical injector.

Once the chemical injector is clean and the unit still does not siphon, please take the unit to an Authorized Service Dealer.

For more information on Briggs & Stratton pressure washer maintenance or troubleshooting, contact your local dealer.

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